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General E-Mail Information

section: Support

Platon Webhosting uses exclusively a secured access to all e-mail accounts and services.

We realize that valuable or sensitive data are often sent by e-mail. A non-secured access always creates a certain risk of detecting and misusing your password by a third party. A secured access does not allow capturing of your password. Therefore our service blocks a non-secured access to e-mail accounts and only allows a secured access through SSL.

In spite of the aforementioned protection, it is always necessary to keep passwords to e-mail accounts confidential. Shall you provide the password to a person, make sure they are trustworthy. We also recommend remembering a password instead of keeping it in your computer or writing it down somewhere.

Sending E-Mails

Electronic mail is sent by the SMTPS protocol SMTPS (SMTP via SSL).

Service Server name Port User name
 SMTPS  smtps.platon.sk 465 Your e-mail address

Receiving E-Mails

Receiving electronic mail is possible through the POP3S (POP3 via SSL) protocol or the IMAPS IMAPS (IMAP via SSL) protocol.

Service Server name Port User name
 POP3S  pop3s.platon.sk 995 Your e-mail address
 IMAPS  imaps.platon.sk 993 Your e-mail address

mail.yourdomain.ext can also be used as the server name. We, however, recommend using server names *.platon.sk, which are secured by our professional SSL certificate that recognizes 99 % of e-mail clients.

In case you do not know the difference between POP3S and IMAPS protocols, or you have trouble deciding which one to use, we suggest reading the following article:

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