We operate our own data center called Chemtech with the following technical parameters:

  • 36m2 in area
  • 400 m distance from SIX
  • connection via a double backup optical route
  • local connectivity to SIX - 10 Gbps
  • international connectivity via GTS CE - 1 Gbps
  • backup power source – petrol-fueled engine generator
  • double filtered cooling (reduced dust)
  • online monitoring of temperature and power supplies
  • network devices monitoring
  • security system
  • antistatic floor
Since the foundation of our company, our servers have tested several data centers run by different providers. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that we were not fully satisfied with any of them. In particular, we could not understand why large firms with several-million budgets were unable to secure a flawless operation of their server rooms.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2009 we decided to build our own data center that would be completely in our administration and supervision. Investments were high, but the results have been excellent.

Our data center does not aspire to become the biggest and most modern one. It aims to offer security and stability. We consider these attributes to be key factors for an error-free operation in the long run.

  • SIX - Slovak Internet eXchange
  • GTS - GTS Slovakia Network



Fibre optics, routers and switches
Web Server

Web & database server farm (webserver cluster)
Customer Servers

Customer servers with custom configuration