Platon Support Configuration of e-mail client Microsoft Outlook Express

Configuration of e-mail client Microsoft Outlook Express

This is a brief guide how to configure e-mail client Microsoft Outlook Express for fetching of e-mail messages from mailboxes on the Platon Webhosting. As an example on the pictures is used domain, however this procedure can be applicable for any domain hosted on our servers.

In the first step we choose addition of new account.

We enter our name.

Than we enter our e-mail address.

Let's choose IMAP as a type for e-mail downloading and we enter as an incoming server. As an outgoing server we set up

Account still needs to be configured, so we select account properties.

We see setting we just entered, so switch to the next tab.

We enter usernames for these servers, which are indeitcal with our e-mail address in the pattern.

It is useful to check password remember option and of course also authentication of outgoing server.

Setting are exactly the same also for outgoing server. But it is not neccessary to fill them again.

Because Platon Webhosting is using secure connection to e-mail mailboxes, it is neccessary to perform some additional configuration. For our account we choose server setting and we check option usage of secure connection over SSL.

In the IMAP configuration it is required to set up path to the mailboxes. We enter INBOX.; please focus on capital letters and point at the end of string.

After this we may start to fetch messages from mailbox on Platon Webhosting. Due to secure type of connection, it is required to confirm validity of cetificate. You can do this temporarily for one session, or permanentnly.

In the INBOX we should see welcome message from e-mail administrator.