Platon Support How to Register SK Domains through the Portal

How to Register SK Domains through the Portal

Our customers have the possibility to register SK domains through our web portal in the following way:

In the left side menu go to the section Domains. Click on SK Domain Registration.

  • Domain – enter the name of the domain you wish to register with the suffix .sk, without www
  • Owner - the owner of the domain should be the one who applies for the domain registration, meaning that you should type in your identifier in the SK-NIC system (ID in the format ABCD-1234). In the case you do not yet have and ID in the SK-NIC system (how to get ID), or you haven’t defined us as the authorized registrar of your domains, type in our identifier PLAT-0008 in the domain owner field.

Platon Technologies will be the owner of the domain, but this does not affect in any way your usage of the domain and we commit to transfer the domain free of charge to you as soon as you request it.